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The JJ ecc83s is a excellent preamp tube! In the modern times we live in it is great to be able to purchase a new tube of this quality. I tube rolled nos mullards, rca, ge, and compared them by ear then by recordings all at the same settings, and my conclusion is that the ge is quite close to the jj but not as open and airey, the mullard is good like the rca, but with my setup the jj is hands ... De JJ EL84 is een erg robuuste en goed klinkende buis. Doet het goed in de AC30's. Datasheet (2003)
ECC83 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. ... 12AX7 J ECC83 ECC83s ECC83 jj ECC83 s ECC83/12AX7 jj 12ax7 12ax7 triode ecc-83 JJ valves; great sound at a great price: From the factory formerly known as Tesla, these JJ valves are my preferred choice in modern valves. I stock the ECC83S (a 12AX7 with a spiral filament), several power valves and this rectifier valve.

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If you just want to change the cathode bias resistor you have to draw the loadline of your amp but it's a hard way because the datasheet don't give technical informations for a so high plate voltage. The EL84 tubes are for 300V max voltage. The better way IMHO is to do like I propose in my modds. In th PDF file I give the schematic for the modds. Foreword This page is the outcome of pure nostalgia. If you are awkward enough to construct an all-tube power supply in 2018 or 2019, read on. All others better leave this page because it does not make any engineering sense.

From looking at the datasheets I would have expected closer to 35 or 40, even without the extra 50 screen volts required to produce the 45 watts shown on the datasheet. On the other hand a pair of modern production EH 7591a's produced exactly the datasheet power output shown for a cathode biased ultralinear output- so who knows. JJ ECC83S / 12ax7 Balanced. 3 review(s) Normale prijs: € 14,70 ... Klik hier voor de datasheet. Op aanvraag matching mogelijk! Beoordelen. Schrijf uw eigen review.
Fig. 25 Fragmento del datasheet 12ax7 EH 55 Fig. 26 Fragmento del datasheet ECC83S marca J/J 55 Fig. 27 Determinación de µ 56 Fig. 28 Valores de Va para determinación de µ 57 Fig. 29 Determinación grafica de gm 59 Fig. 30 Circuito con resistencia en grilla y cátodo 60 B&W, 2400x3150 resolution (or slightly less), 70k-200k file size Just right for laser printing. The hi-res images may cause Netscape to crash.

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Simply use the first digit on the tube, referenceit to the information below, then open the folder with the alphabetical or numerical referencecorresponding with the information of type and datasheet.Enjoy, and Hack hardware to your hearts content!00A(1-82)Electron tube Type Brand System Data sheet00A RCA t° 00A.pdf (29376 bytes)00A RCA (HB3 ... EL34B Tung-Sol Power Tubes . An all-round top performing tube(s) often used in great guitar amps and hi-fi systems. Tung Sol has an incredible history in making tubes and the EL34B is a favourite amongst musicians and HI-FI aficionados alike.
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