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Mar 03, 2016 · VBA created named ranges to make lookups from your data sheet easier. ... each on its own excel sheet, all fed by a single EPM report that refreshes in about 15 ... Oct 07, 2017 · Personel izinlerini takip edebileceğiniz program Aşağıdaki kodları yeni bir makro oluşturup kod sayfasına kopyalayın. YENİ KAYIT butonuna bu makroyu atayın. Excel dosyasını da "Makro ...
Which sheet was showing when you ran the code the 2nd time? The sheet with all the cells to be copied has to be the active (showing on your desktop) sheet. If, for instance you copy from sheet1 to sheet3, you have to have sheet 1 as active sheet. If you want to run it from anywhere, let us know.

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Using the following code to save a single sheet and prompt for location to save. Now, need to save ALL sheets in that new workbook. The names of the sheets can vary from week to week. 'ENTRADAS Ciclo que valida la informacion de la base de datos. Sheets("BdD Entradas").Select. FILA = 5. For índicefila = 5 To 10000. If Cells(índicefila, 2).Value > 0 Then
I have some data in range P1:R13 on a sheet called Training Analysis. I want to copy and paste these data on a second sheet called Foglio1. I want it to be just values.I need these data to be pasted in a range A2:M4, in other words I want it to be transposed.How do i make the above code generic as in it can be used for pasting and transposing data in all files, ie whatever i copy when i use the macro i can paste and transpose data in any other files of different names ?

yeah you can do it accross any work sheet, i dont havfe excel 2016 so i cant make the macro for you, but google how to record a macro, you dont need to write it – PeterH Oct 16 '17 at 14:21 @User91504 yes! it is much easier than I have experienced before (and also it is working).
Aug 26, 2017 · This video will show you VBA code to convert British to US dates in excel. It also works the other way. Convert from US to British date format too. Format the dates automatically with the below ...

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I would like the macro to loop so it would then select D26:D49 and paste/transpose to B10:Y10 and so on until it finishes transposing the final data group of D8738:D8761. I'll add the macro that I recorded using the brute force method so perhaps you can have a better understanding of what I am trying to accomplish.
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